Brittany Falconer

Name: Brittany Falconer
Height: 5'9
Age: 29
Home: Courtenay, Canada
Discipline: Enduro
Sponsors: Gravity MTB, Foxy Box, We Are One Composites, Trail Bicycles, Rynopower, Freestyle Progression.
Ride: Size Large Druid custom
Social: @brittfalconer

Short bio about what you do for a living:
I'm a mom to a 2 year old maniac, and keeping him alive is a full time gig! However, I manage to sneak in a few days a week to coach for Gravity MTB and a few other womens freeride/mentorship projects around B.C.
What kind of riding do you typically do? 
Typically I ride Enduro. Big days climbing and descending on my mountain bike are my fav! However, this year I've really enjoyed more DH, dirt jumping and big epic adventures on my CX bike.
What does your dream trail look like? 
My dream trail would have it all! Steep fast tech, some flowy senders, big natural drops, open rock slabs with a few Remy lines to choose from. I'd even add in a short punchy climb to an epic view that's perfect for enjoying some ride snacks and war stories!
What kind of music do you listen to? 
Everything from Billie Eilish and Brandi Carlile to Greta Van Fleet, Sinatra, and Biggie. It really depends on what I'm doing.
What does a typical day look like for you? 
I live with a toddler so I'm usually woken up by being pounced on for snacks or an accidental sucker punch by a rogue hand or foot. But that's immediately followed by coffee and breakfast, my fav meal of the day! I can usually get away for a ride 3-4 times a week and sometimes I follow that up with weights at the gym. Then its back to family life, cooking and cleaning and the toddlers bed time routine. Followed by a big flop on the couch while I scroll insta and lose track of time. Then sleep and repeat!
How did you get into riding? 
Sort of a long funny story. Catch me on the climbing trail and I will tell you about the triathalon from hell that made a mountain biker outta me.
What are your strengths? 
Punchy climbs, back flips, and finishing a whole pint of ice cream on my own!
What are your weaknesses? 
Lactose intolerance, coffee, and staying up too late...
What are your plans for 2021? 
Keep progressing!
Who or what inspires you? 
I love watching instagram videos of women sending it! It's amazing all the talented riders out there! It's why representation is so important, theres something about seeing someone you can relate to ride something that just suddenly makes it seem possible for you!
What do you enjoy outside of biking? 
Movies, travelling, and eating awesome food!
What's your favorite motto or saying? 
Not sure I have one. I quote movies a lot... it annoys my friends.
What's your Pet Peeve? 
People who litter!!!
What gets you stoked? 
Riding a new feature or learning a new trick!
Favorite food? 
Any weird routines or superstitions? 
If I have a bad sleep before a competition or race that sometimes leaves me with bad vibes.
Favorite non-bike website? 
Ukulele Tabs.
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