T-Type Race Guide and Idler Kit

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The T-Type Race Guide and Idler Kit include everything you need to get your UDH-compatible Forbidden bike optimized for SRAM’s new T-Type transmission. The T-Type Race Guide and Idler Kit maintains a 55mm chainline between the idler and chainring. 

The solid-lube bearing equipped alloy idler from NSB has a refined tooth profile to increase longevity and ensures compatibility with new flat-top style chains. 

The Race Guide encases the idler pulley, providing no avenue for chain derailment. It achieves this by attaching directly to the idler shaft as well as the rear triangle. Leaving no gaps or wiggle room for the chain to come off the idler pulley and derail your race run. All hardware is supplied. 

Technical Features:

  • Supplied with all mounting hardware
  • Refined tooth profile
  • Solid-lube bearing
  • Alloy NSB Idler manufactured in Whistler, B.C., Canada

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